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loving him was R E D
~Thank you for this happy dream~
26th-Jul-2011 02:06 pm - Writer's Block: Late-night TV
We know you watch them (so do we)—what’s your favorite infomercial?

The ones about "getting a hot date" really late at night are hilarious. They've got these girls and guys dressed in sexy get-ups, and you just know that the real people who call these date hotlines don't look like that. XD

I love Magic Bullet too. It's still the only infomercial that made me actually want to buy its product.
All of these drabbles were originally posted on my Quizilla account. There were 50 of them, and I chose the 12 best ones to post here. They've been edited slightly.

This is the first set of four drabbles! Please tell me if reader-centric stories are not allowed!

Title: !Viva Hetalia!: Tickle Me!; Sweet; Take the Lead; Foolish Wisdom
Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Light Smut,
Word-count: 951
Pairings/Characters: Various/Reader; Prussia, Japan, Canada, and N. Italy
Ratings/Warnings: Ranging from G to PG-13.

"Tickle Me!" - Prussia couldn't resist the opportunity to use your own strategy against you. Sexual tensions arise.
"Sweet" - It wasn't the first time for either of you. But it still felt like a different experience.
"Take the Lead" - He envied the way the others acknowledged you. Little did Canada expect what would happen next.
"Foolish Wisdom" - The most pathetic of the countries had come out in the best shape. What was his secret?

Arrogance must have been Prussia's bitch, because he owned it like nobody else.Collapse )
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