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loving him was R E D
~Thank you for this happy dream~
In Bed with Kiseki no Sedai ≛ e̶p̶i̶l̶o̶g̶u̶e̶ ∞  
3rd-Nov-2013 12:15 am
The secret ending to my Kuroko no Basket MVP RP series from Quizilla. ;)


-Kuroko Tetsuya-

You really liked Kuroko.

You liked nothing more than watching his face, as he stirred from the slumber he was in. You liked when the sunlight came through and lit up his face like an angel.

Especially when neither of you had been an angel last night.

Kuroko had agreed immediately when you said you were in the mood; you seemed to be the one person he had no resistance to. “I-It’s ok if you’re not gentle.” He had confessed, already lying with you on top of him.

His words combined with his blushing face was enough to break you.

“____-kun-” He barely got all of his cry out, as you began your ministrations. He’d bite his lip, but usually couldn’t keep the sounds coming out of him, like a harmony that matched the pace of your thrusts.

His fingers would grab at you--- your arms, your chest, whatever he could reach--- not out of pain, but just to confirm that you were there with him, sharing this intimate moment.

And you would always come from the sight of Kuroko’s flushed face as he spiraled towards uncontrollable pleasure. He was sometimes too cute for you to handle.

A shifting in the bed broke you out of the flashback. Your partner awoke, eyes widening at how close to were to him.

“Stop smiling like that, ____-kun. It’s creepy.” Kuroko would tease, turning to the other side with a small pout.

But you really liked Kuroko.

-Kise Ryouta-

“But ____-cchi, I really want to do it!” That’s how it always started with Kise.

He was laying on his chest on your bed, moving his legs back and forth like a child. Once you gave him even the slightest attention, Kise turned the charm on. He smirked mischievously, slowly peeling himself of clothes, one piece at a time.

Damn those model looks, you cursed, before stomping over to the bed, pushing him down aggressively.

Kise liked you either way; as the top or bottom, but today he wanted to see your pleading face as you begged for it. He flipped you over with surprising strength. “Let’s play.” He said, seeming to change his personality almost instantaneously.

As Kise took control, you kept rustling those blond locks, because you knew this was the only time he’d let you do it... while he was too distracted getting you off. “Ugh...” You groaned, as his hands wrapped around your hardened length. “Don’t tease me.”

“Hai hai. I can see you’re impatient today.” He replied, moving right along to the main course. “But your face is so cute when you’re horny!” Sometimes, you wondered if he was the devil.

Even though he called you cute, Kise was the one who completely lost himself in the sex. He was always especially loud and appreciative, mumbling things as he got closer to completion:

“Feels so good---mmhh.” He moaned.“____-cchi... I love you so much.” He kissed you desperately, right before the pleasure overcame him.

And though he could be a bit moody sometimes, you knew being with Kise was the best thing that ever happened to you.

-Murasakibara Atsushi-

You honestly hadn’t put much thought into what sleeping with Murasakibara would be like. Sure you were attracted to him, but the obvious size difference threw you off.

But soon it became clear that Mura-kun had thought long about this.

“____-chin is the sweetest, of course I wanna eat you up.” Was his odd way of calling you to bed. But perhaps the oddest part was laying down, feeling so vulnerable even though you trusted him more than anyone.

He was agonizingly slow, perhaps because of how he tried to exert little effort while attaining maximum pleasure. It really tortured you sometimes, though. When Murasaki was on top, he went inside you and didn’t let you rush him.

“Does it hurt, ____-chin?”

“A bit-” You choked out, inbetween gasps. Murasakibara was a lot to take, and you meant A LOT.

“That’s alright. Love comes with pain and pleasure.” He’d say, throwing you off with how both sadistic and sentimental that was. He liked biting you --- any skin he could reach that wasn’t already riddled with hickeys.

Suddenly, you decided not to wait and moved your lower half. Mura-kun groaned appreciatively, allowing you to dictate the pace from the bottom. “Haah... I wanted to savour you some more, but I’m already at my limit, hmm?” He chuckles darkly.

You cried out through the release, and Murasaki came right afterwards.

He licked the cum off your stomach in a sensual manner...as if it was more delicious than any of his candies.

But perhaps you favorite part was when Murasakibara fell asleep while wrapped snugly against you. He really was the best teddy bear.

-Aomine Daiki-

You had long told Aomine about being a virgin, but he was more patient than you ever expected.

On your first night with him, you entered his bedroom feeling your heart beat sporadically. As if he could sense your nervousness, Aomine put his arms around your shoulder, pulling you to the bed.

“What are you scared of? You know me, you know I’ll go easy on you the first time.” Then he nipped at your ear while whispering seductively: “But I can’t guarantee that for the future.”

You calmed yourself down, as you and Aomine began to mess around. However, now he acted on his instincts as you went along and slowly undressed you completely. When his fingers drove into uncharted territory, the shock was immense.

“A-Aomine...” Your moan sounded pathetic to your ears, but it only turned him on more. “Ssh, ssh.” He silenced you with a kiss, before he went in, leaving you breathless.

As the ‘veteran’ of the relationship, he tried to outlast you, but there were times you almost sent him over the edge with just a look or a touch. It was almost embarrassing how much he wanted this.

And though he was gentle, you felt he was holding back his passion even as you both came. The thought about future bedroom escapades with him suddenly excited you. After sex, both of you laid there, staring at the ceiling, breathing lightly.

Suddenly, Aomine sat up, the sheets falling down just enough to reveal his sculpted chest and abs. The sight was really too sexy.

Aomine smirked, slicking his hair back with a hand. “Ahn? Why are you looking at me so hungrily? You ready for Round 2?”

-Midorima Shintarou-

“Don’t go to sleep when I’m right here, Midorima-kun.” You complained, when Midorima finally stopped reading his book...

...only to go back to pretending you weren’t there.

“What are you suggesting then?” Midorima shot back, eyebrows raised. At his response, you felt your smirk widen. “What else? Let me do you this time.” You stated, rolling over the other man’s stomach.

His eyes widened, as you removed his glasses and delicately put them aside. Skeptical green orbs followed you as disrobed him, making sure to roam your hands over him as you went. “I’m feeling generous, so I’ll play along.” Midorima replied, feeling his lower half begin to throb.

You chuckled, moving to give him a little attention down there. There were strained cries as you prepared him for the impending entrance of your member.

“____!” In bed was the only time you’ve ever heard Midorima call you by your first name. You kept telling him he should say it more, but he’d glare at you for suggesting it.

Through his sweat and exerted pants, you could see in his eyes how much he wanted this; as much as you did, and that made you happy. The usually stoic Midorima looked like he’d do anything to have you touch him more.

“Ahh...s-so hot.” Was the only you could coherently say, as Midorima’s body closed around you so wonderfully.

“Hurry up... I need to-” He didn’t get to finish his response, as his body spasmed with completion. This was the only way you could get him to shut up, because all he could do was gasp for breath.

Sure there were nights when just sleeping beside him was enough to satisfy you. However, tonight was not one of those nights.

-Akashi Seijurou-

You two hadn’t dated a long time before Akashi told you of his plans to take your virginity. The captain had always been the direct type.

You nearly tripped over your feet when he told you. “What?!” He grinned, seemingly unaffected by your reaction. “It’s only natural, right? I am attracted to you.”

A almost hurt look replaced his devious features. “You are... attracted to me too, right?” He knew with those words, he had you wrapped around his finger. And that’s how you found yourself in his gorgeous Japanese mansion, flat against his bed, at his mercy.

You always had a feeling he was a bit of a selfish lover, but he was working hard to please you. “Ahh-mmmff...” You were moaning out, before Akashi silenced you with a hard kiss.

“The walls here are thin, remember?” He held a finger over your lips, looking devilishly handsome. But he didn’t stop teasing you. His left hand was firmly working inbetween your legs, while his mouth was making ministrations around your neck.

You were already a sobbing mess in his arms, when he thrusted roughly inside you. “S-Seijurou...I---” You barely got out before he moved inside you again. Akashi’s eyes glowed in the moonlight, as he controlled the pace and your access to pleasure.

Tell me. Tell me what you want.” He whispered, wanting you to talk dirty. You swallowed your pride, already too wrapped up in the moment. “Please let me come, Seijurou.”

And when the redhead got what he wanted, the rest of it flowed smoothly, and he made sure you and he came at the same time. You laid in silence against the shorter man, waiting for your heartbeat to slow down.

“This is the first of many, my ____.” Was all he said, kissing your brow lightly.

And Akashi would make sure every time felt like the first time.
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