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loving him was R E D
~Thank you for this happy dream~
♫ popular . Haruka Nanase ◄ 
22nd-Oct-2013 11:13 pm

♫ Free! . Haruka Nanase drabble. In which the Reader -the most popular girl of Iwatobi High School- gets a good serving of humble pie, from the King of cool himself.

word count: 418 words

It’s not about who you are or your fancy car


It wouldn’t have been an exaggeration to say you were the reigning Queen Bee of Iwatobi High School.

Your prospects in life were sunny: filthy rich parents, trendy clothes, and damn good genes - it was no wonder to anyone why you were so popular. Girls and boys swarmed to their queen, not even minding if you treated them like slaves.

“Yume-chan, what’s with that awful sweater?” You made a disgusted face at how she was dressed today. Yume looked devastated. “I’m sorry, ___-sama! It won’t happen again!” She pleaded.

You smirked, flipping those perfectly-trimmed locks of yours. “Yeah, whatever. Let’s go.” With those simple words, the posse of the best-looking and most intimidating teenagers in school swaggered down the hall.

While focused on the mirror in your hand, you had bumped ungracefully into the body of someone else. “I’m so sorry!” You heard the voice of a boy call out. Raising your head to address him, you could only recognize him as one of those nerds who tried too hard in class.

Anyways, you only paid attention to the hot guys who were potential boyfriend-of-the-month material.

“Yeah, watch where you’re going. Loser.” You sneered, pushing past him, while each of your friends did the same. But then you felt another presence in front of you.

You looked up into the deep blue eyes of Haruka Nanase. “____-san, you were clearly at fault there.” He defended the kid. “You should apologize.”

Haru had once rejected your romantic advances, so you felt even more offended. “Who the hell do you think I am?!” You proclaimed, dramatically. “Why should I apologize to a nobody?”

The swimmer helped the boy get back on his feet, before glaring at you. “Popularity isn’t about the superficial things.” He replied calmly. “Besides, I won’t date a popular girl, only a kind one.”

With the last word, Haru turned his back on you, leaving you in a state of shock and humiliation. Around you, those ‘friends’ were now whispering and giggling about you.

You had never thought seriously about the differences between you and him. You thought the similarities were good enough. He was attractive, you were attractive. He was on the swim team, you were on the volleyball team.

But you only had a cool exterior; he had everything that mattered.

◄ ◄ ◄

So catch up, ‘cause you’ve got an awful long way to go

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